You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

25/12/2018 0 By Mary

Eating is a critical part of man’s daily activities. It is an important process to be able to nourish the body and get it ready for whatever life has to offer. Through nutrition, people’s health and longevity can be determined. The human body needs the right nutrition to get positive effects. If there are any excess or lack of food, negative impacts might happen. The importance of diet can be found in how it digests needed nutrients. The body gets the needed vitamins and minerals through the complex processes done in the digestive system. Depending on the food that was processed, it could create either negative or positive impacts to one’s health. In relation to nutrition, it is important to consider any excess or lacking amount. Non-compliance with the right amount of food could lead to various nutritional disorders. The digestive system is an important topic that would be discussed thoroughly in order to understand the positive or negative effects of specific diets which could lead to various illnesses caused by lacking or excess food and nutrition.

Diet and its Effects on Health

As discussed in the digestive systems process above, nutrients are absorbed from the food being fed to the human body. The kind of diet implemented by a person would usually determine the substances assimilated. If a person eats a lot of fatty foods, then he would accumulate a lot of body fat. A person’s diet is based on one’s habitual decisions regarding his specific intake of food, which determines the nutrition he/she gets. One major factor for consideration is taste. People would usually consume food that are delicious. Another consideration for one’s diet is the availability of food. Some people do not get the recommended amount of nutrition because they lack proper sources for their daily consumption. Culture and tradition may also affect a person’s dietary preference. Whatever the reason is, the food an individual regularly consumes would affect his/her health.

There is a growing amount of awareness nowadays regarding the effects of diet on health. The food regularly consumed by a person would determine if its effect on their health is positive or negative. A dietary preference rich in fat would surely create overweight and obese people, especially if there is limited exercise or physical activity. Regardless of how much an individual moves, it is important to consume the right food with proper nutritional contents. One cannot simply point out fat to be the main culprit of negative effects on health. A combination of a lot of different factors need to be considered. The quality of food need to be taken into consideration to get positive effects of diet on health.

A diet rich in food containing necessary vitamins and minerals would surely create positive effects to health. Eating junk food which has low nutritional value would be detrimental in healthy goals. As mentioned above, quality needs to be considered. Food rich in vitamins and minerals are appropriate choices to maintain a health lifestyle. High quality consumption would make sure that one’s health encounter positive effects. This kind of phenomenon would usually result in healthy individuals who have strong immune systems that would be able to prevent a lot of diseases. If balanced with required physical activities, a person could become stronger and be able to function at optimum performance. One’s outlook can also be positively affected. Many people abstain food intake from animal sources to reduce personal impact on environment. These individuals would usually feel good about themselves while creating a positive outlook in life.

Failure to take in high quality of food at the correct amount would usually initiate negative impacts to health. People who consume unhealthy food through their diets would usually have poor immune systems, which makes them susceptible to a lot of illnesses. Current awareness in health was brought about by poor choices of people in regards to their dietary preference. A lot of chronic diseases nowadays are caused by poor diets that are initiated by contemporary eating habits.

Nutrition Disorders

Due to poor choices in food and availability, a lot of people developed several disorders in terms of their nutrition. They suffer from the consequences of their eating habits. Nutritional disorders usually happen when there is something lacking or if there is an excess in an individual’s diet. It usually triggers various illnesses caused by the deterioration of the immune system.

The lack of the right amount of nutritional requirements could cause malnutrition, a condition resulting from diets lacking enough nutrients. It may involve lower amounts of calories, carbohydrates, protein, minerals and vitamins that are necessary for a body’s daily functions. Malnutrition weakens the immune system and makes people vulnerable to infectious diseases. Infected individuals may usually feel sick and have very poor levels of energy. Aside from that, it may also hinder the development of a person like having a short height. This kind of condition usually happens to citizens of third world nations where people have no money to buy themselves food. Availability of high quality sources may also be scarce in their area. These people usually rely on diets based on whatever they can access. A lot of themĀ  does not have concrete protein sources, which explains the underdevelopment of their bodies. Most would look extremely thin and brittle. High food prices and poverty prevents them from getting access to important quality foods. Lack of vitamins and minerals may also happen to people in depressed areas. They may not have enough nutritional food to aid their daily activities. There are a lot of people in the world who are undernourished. It is a serious problem that covers individuals who suffer from starvation. These people usually does not have anything to eat and would rely on whatever food they can access, which most of the times provide low nutritional value.

While there is a lack of nutrition to most parts of the world, other parts are suffering from excess. Overnutrition is also another disorder that affects most people, making them vulnerable to various diseases. In the United States alone, obesity have become one of the leading causes of most negative conditions. Overnutrition is common in rich countries where food is abundant. While they can already choose food that are high in quality, some individuals choose foods that satisfies their palate. It is not enough they get their stomach filled, they should have delicious and generous servings of their favorites. These kinds of food are usually high in fat, salt or sugar, substances that could negatively affect a person’s health. Due to their lifestyle, a lot of people prefer fast food. While it provides satisfaction, this would usually gives excess amount of nutrition. People in developing countries need to choose the right kind of food to avoid the negative effects of obesity that could result from overnutrition.

Various conditions can be attributed to the disorders described above. This could include anemia, that can be caused by insufficient amount of iron in the body. This is usually the case for most people experiencing malnutrition in depressed areas. High blood pressure and heart attacks can be caused by obesity through overnutrition. Other diseases such as diabetes and cancers can also be caused by wrong choices of food.

The digestive system is an excellent group of organs that assimilates the required nutrition that our body needs. Understanding this process is critical in assessing how one’s diet should be constructed. It is important to be aware of the positive and negative effects of nutrition on health. People should choose the right food and consume the right amount. High quality nutrients should be considered over taste and availability. While other people could choose, others simply do not have access to food. They should be aided in order to help them have the right nutrition. In terms of diets, it is important to avoid any lack or excess. People should have enough food to get all necessary nutrients required daily by the body. Excess food should be avoided to avoid obesity, that comes from overnutrition. It would have the same effect as malnutrition wherein the body would be susceptible to various diseases. It is important to maintain a health balance to achieve the correct nutritional goals.