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14/01/2020 0 By Mary

dfe london

It is the responsibility of every school to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act. The document below is meant to act as an aid to that decision-making process by presenting some key questions and answers that should be sought from any potential cloud service provider.
When entering into an agreement with a “cloud” service provider, every school/data controller has to be satisfied that the relevant service provider is carrying out its data processing as per their requirements (ensuring compliance with the Data Protection Act by the data controller and also the data processor by default).

Addresses, boundaries, land ownership, aerial photographs, seabed and land terrain
Weather, flooding, rivers, air quality, geology and agriculture

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In response to the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, we acted swiftly and efficiently by adapting our training offer to create a blended approach of real time online sessions, accompanied by access to password protected recorded sessions, with follow up real time Q&A sessions.