How to Write an Essay About Japanese Women in the US

27/01/2020 0 By Mary

It is good to write an essay about Japanese women in the US. This is based on experience while attending a language school at a university in Arizona and after a year of studying abroad. It was observed that Japanese people could see through the local life, and other foreign people have come to understand how it is reflected. The following are tips on how to write an essay about Japanese women in the US.

  1. Write About What Japanese Women Think About International Situations

As you know, the United States is like several states in one state. The laws and taxes that vary from state to state, and of course, how people live differs. This time, you should introduce what Japanese women think in international situations. Such as the value of Japanese people and the position of Japanese people, and should be based on what was learned while living in the United States. This is based on actual experiences. If you want to have the right information, then you should make use of Japanese translation service providers to understand the core values of Japanese women. This real experience, the same does not always happen in every state. However, it is hoped that each of these experiences will lead to a wider view of your thinking.

  • Write About Their Interactions With Others.

At the first moment of living in the United States, many of the Japanese women in the US did not know how to get along with the Americans. Write about how they interact with others with time. In addition, how Japanese women fall in love with men in the US should be elaborated. You should first know the background of the opponent, that is, the man who is not Japanese. Know how they respect their family structure and their parents, get along well with their moms and value their families are good. This is because most American men have egos. For example, they celebrate mom’s birthday before her birthday, and mom is the first. That is why the mum of the other party is absolutely useless. So how Japanese women cope as wives with such American men should be highlighted while writing. It is also known that people who work in rural areas and usually go back and forth between work and home are more serious than foreigners playing in the city are.

  • Write On The Popularity Of Japanese Women

One of the most common aspects of the popularity of Japanese women is that they do not wear tight clothes. What is Japanese layered fashion? It is good to show your skills in this aspect. In the United States, there are places where you win. The more plump ones are more popular. The bigger the ass is, the more it gets moped. American men like girls who are comfortable. Looking at the thin model, you should highlight the beauty of Japanese women.

  • Describe Their Uniqueness.

Also, the black hair of Japanese women is an important description to point out for readers. When walking around the city with this hairstyle, an American girl will say, “Is that a wig? There is a menu called “Japanese straight perm” in American beauty salons. In the United States, hair straightening is called a Japanese straight perm. Therefore, you need to point this out. In the United States, if Japanese women have shortcut hairstyles, they may be mistaken for a lesbian child. Everyone is straight down, and there are many semi-longs. The longer it is for foreign boys, the higher the favorability. Asian women are very young especially Japanese. Baby faces are still weapons. On the other hand, it seems to be very young, so on the other hand, it is better to make the clothes cool because of the gap.


Write about these listed points while writing an essay about Japanese women in the US. This act will make your essay unique and real. So make your essay about Japanese women in the US as real as possible.