education legislation uk

30/06/2020 0 By Mary

education legislation uk

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HSE’s guidance on school trips shows how sensible risk management creates exciting learning opportunities, while preventing tragedies.
A sensible approach to health and safety in schools means focusing on how the real risks are managed.

If you are processing truly anonymised data, then your research activity falls outside the scope of these guidelines. Note that this means the data should be completely anonymous on receipt (collection/accessing); if you have personal data but then make that personal data anonymous, that will still be a processing operation and the and GDPR and this guidance applies.
If you are a researcher processing personal data, then you must comply with the requirements of the new data protection legislation, in addition to the common law duty of confidentiality and all relevant ethical requirements.

With so many of us still in isolation, there has never been a greater.
Following regular reviews since our initial re-opening in July, we are now able to.