Tips on How You Can Write a Three Paged Essay

Tips on How You Can Write a Three Paged Essay

12/09/2020 0 By Mary

A three-page essay may sound an easy thing to do compared to the demanding research or dissertation papers. However, it also needs you to put in the effort to come up with an article worthy of good grades.

Procrastinating because the paper sounds short can be your undoing. You may find time is not on your side, and there is so much to do before you finish the assignment.

Even if you are busy and do not have enough time to work on your paper, you can still hack it. That will depend on you and if you will follow these useful tips.

  1. Manage Your Time

Before you start writing, you will need to allocate time to each task. You also need to know how long the paper is so you can understand how to research it. A lengthy essay will mean you will spend much time on research than on a short one. 

You can write a three-page paper in 2-3 days if you organize yourself well. The first day will have tasks such as topic selection, outlining, and researching. The second one will be entirely for writing without rectifying any errors. On the third day, you will have taken enough breaks to concentrate on reviewing so that your paper is error-free. 

  • Select A Topic 

As you choose a topic, have a paper beside you to write ideas as they come. After you can decide on one issue, this will be exciting for you. If you do not find the topic interesting, it can impede your progress since you will keep postponing it later.

  • Outline Ideas

All the ideas you will come up with need to be in an outline. It helps you not forget anything important when you start writing. You will know what issue you will be dealing with in the paper and the ways to solve it. 

If a topic does not relate well with your readers, you will have a chance to change it at the outlining stage. If you start changing it later, you will waste time since you may have to look for evidence through research. How unique your paper is also matters; you do not want to write something too obvious that the reader loses interest in finding out what you have to say.

  • Research

One stage of essay writing that consumes time is research, especially if you do not know how to go about it. I also get help with my research essays by getting someone to write my paper at a fee. You can also benefit from the expert writers’ services, which is affordable for students even while on a budget. 

They will write your paper and deliver it on time, and you will meet the deadline. You can find the writers online 24/7, which is good as you may realize late that there is an urgent assignment you have to do. You can keep checking your messages’ progress through live chats or messaging, and you can suggest changes you would like in your paper.

  • Writing 

When you start writing, ensure you have understood the title and the information of what you researched. Also, refer to the writing guidelines provided by the lecturer to be on the safe side. You can then introduce your paper in the first paragraph by mention what you will cover and come up with a thesis question. 

The body has several paragraphs that will discuss in detail all your main points. You can later conclude in the final section by giving a summary of all your main ideas.

  • The Final Process

After writing, you will need some time off to refresh your brain. You will then come back to edit your work by doing away with spelling and grammar errors. Proofreading your essay is vital because it helps ensure your points are logical and do not leave anything important. 

You can also check for plagiarism using online checkers to ascertain that your work is original. Check out the format you have used is what your lecturer recommends. 


Your three-page essay may not have been an easy task before, but you will write one effectively with the above tips. Start working on it early enough, so you have ample time to research, write, and edit your paper.