About us

Kebetkachewomen.org is one platform that is in full support of women and what they advocate for in line with gender equality. We hail from the New York City at the North Hempstead area. Narrowing it down, we mainly attend to foreign women and immigrants to the USA. We want you as a female immigrant to equate the ambiance of the USA to that of your home only that this time we ensure that no one pins you down just because you are a woman. That tells you that we champion for female rights and ensure that they are implemented accordingly.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie wrote a book dubbed that We Should all be Feminists, kebetkachewomen.org believes in that with all the might. We can’t wait for a future that a woman speaks, and their opinion counts. We visualize women not depending on men to make sound decisions or to get the final verdict from their husbands because they are the heads of the family. We want to live in a world that patriarchy is a non-issue to women because we will overpower them anytime they try to belittle us. All we want is equal opportunities regardless of the gender that we have been assigned to at birth.

We train women on self-sustainability and from the word go; we inject them with leadership skills and the power of self-belief as a woman. We look forward to slashing down the rates of rape and pushing for laws that will deter rapists from proving to the world that there exist insane people who do not care what other people think of their actions. We have forums that teach women how to protect themselves from people who try to assault them sexually. We also educate women on Gender-Based Violence related issues that affect them directly or indirectly. We try to ask women to come out and express themselves when they feel that they are tortured in their day to day lives.

In essence, we seek to produce empowered women with an all-round mindset that makes them stand out and not fit in. The mantra that guides us is; “If not us, then who?”